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Warming Gift Set

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Our gift sets are the perfect way to treat someone you love, say thank you to a friend, or even just spoil yourself, with beautiful products that are both eco and ethical. 

This lovely set is ideal for anyone who wants to be warmed and comforted by earthy scents. It features nettle, which is said to be one of the greatest healing plants, and can help improve skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema; cedarwood; which can help promote sleep and reduce inflammation; sandalwood, that can help protect against free radicals and skin ageing; rosemary which can support circulation and improve mood; bergamot, which has been know to reduce stress and anxiety, cleanse skin and support healing; and juniper, which can help muscle aches and pains. This set is more suitable for sensitive or dry skin. 

This set contains sandalwood incense sticks, vegan nettle soap, and cedarwood and rosemary goats milk soap. It comes in our classic brown kraft box and is carefully packaged in tissue paper with dried flower petals scattered throughout. 

Save 10% on individual items with this gift set

NOTE: If preferred, the incense sticks can be exchanged for incense cones if we have the corresponding fragrance in stock. Please email us if you would like this swap.


Please see individual products for details on ingredients.

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