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Jasmine incense cones

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This jasmine scented incense is part of our range of British made incense cones. 

This incense is ethical made in Britain. It has not spent months on a ship getting here and losing its fragrance, or been stored in a warehouse. Made daily, it is always fresh and fragrant.


Each pack is presented in attractive recyclable packaging and contains 30 cones and a free brass burner.

About Razzmatazz

Razzmatazz is an energetic mix of hippy chic, funky originality and serenity.

Their inspiration comes from the wonderful botanical materials provided by Mother Nature without the interjection of harmful toxic herbicides & pesticides.

They pride themselves on their extreme care of the planet and all of its people, this is made crystal clear with our range of wonderful products formulated without the use of petrochemicals and animal testing. The Razzmatazz brand, established in 1976, has won gold and silver awards for their eco-friendly production.

They obtain their raw materials from only the safest, cleanest sources to ensure all our products come from sustainable sources to cause no further damage to our beautiful planet. Made only with the finest ingredients, their products are 100% natural and handmade with love and expertise in the North Yorkshire Moors.

Using the science of mother earth and the deeply rooted knowledge of her peoples, Razzmatazz continue to develop products that not only aid and nourish the body, but also delight the senses and free the mind - all whilst protecting our beloved Mother Earth.

Incense Collection