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Seed Co-operative

Herb: Oregano seeds

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Oregano seeds (Origanum heracleoticum). Open pollinated and organic herb seeds from the Seed Co-Operative. 

Hardy perennial herb has sweet smelling, aromatic foliage which is commonly used in Mediterranean cuisine. Flowers produced in summer and autumn can also be used for flavouring after they have been gently dried.


Sowing instructions

Sow seeds indoors or under glass from February to June. Place the seed tray in a propagator at a temperature of 16-21c.

Growing instructions

Transplant outside after hardening off. Plant at a distance of 30cm apart on any well drained or chalky soil in full sun.

Pack size

300 seeds

About the Seed Co-Operative

The Seed Co-operative exists to shine a spotlight on the vital, but all-too-often forgotten, role of the humble seed in building a resilient food system.

They believe the future of food has to be rooted in democracy, diversity and health. That means diversity of ownership and shared knowledge, with diversity of genetics and wildlife. Working with diversity is adopting nature’s way of nurturing the health of our planet and people.

Varieties that are open pollinated and adapted to organic growing systems are the essential ingredients in making this happen. That’s where the Seed Co-operative comes in.

They grow, process and sell organic, open-pollinated seed for the UK and beyond, and develop new varieties through organic plant breeding, to support the collective work of those striving towards making agro-ecological farming and food sovereignty a reality. They want you to know where your seed comes from; who grew it and where, and even who bred each variety.

They are not interested in tricksy seed biotechnology, or dominating the world’s seed supply. Instead, they believe passionately in breeding open pollinated seeds that everyone can grow, everyone can save for the next year, and everyone can afford. All our sustainable futures depend on it.

 Their offer the follower options:

  • Organic: Certified organic seed, much of it biodynamic, of varieties suited to agro-ecological systems.
  • Biodynamic: Their biodynamic seed has the Demeter logo, the international symbol of biodynamic quality.
  • Open pollinated: Genetic diversity that belongs to everyone & breeds true-to-type, so you can save your own seeds.

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