British Wildflower Seeds

British Wildflower Seeds sources and supplies seed mixes from specialist small scale harvesters and growers around the country. They have had a relationship with their suppliers for many years, and are confident about the quality and provenance of all their seeds. Many of the seed mixes are harvested directly from wildflower meadows, many of them ancient.

Seeds are the most recent available and cleaned, so they don’t include chaff or creepy crawlies! Each packet should be used within a year of receipt.

British Wildflower Seeds uses small, dedicated and knowledgeable suppliers who deserve our encouragement and support. Their suppliers are skilled specialists and include most of the best wildflower seed suppliers in the country. Some of them are trained botanists, and others have many years of experience in harvesting, storing and processing wildflower seed. This can be more difficult than you could imagine! Some produce as little as 100kg of seed a year.